Where Do Most Foreigners Visit In India

India is an incredible country that offers great sightseeing, cultural, adventure and festival expedition for travelers coming from every corner of the world. Every year a great number of foreigners book cheap flights to India to spend holidays and make great memories.

Although, every Indian city has unique color and culture to display, here are some of the most visited places in India by foreigners. If you are visiting India for the first time, our list would definitely help to get the influx of what is most loved by travelers like you and plan your visit well.

  1. Hampi

Hampi was once the royal capital of the Vijayanagar Empire and it completely refuses to leave its glorious past. History freaks from every corner of the world buff up here in Hampi to watch the rugged landscapes that protect the greatest architectural ruins and specimen of a prosperous empire.

There are many world heritage sites in Hampi including temples, elephant stables and royal enclosures etc. Hampi is not only one of the most visited places but it also is a mesmerizing treat for the eyes. When you are in Hampi, do not miss trying bouldering or rock climbing, coracle rides, sighting sloth, leopards and a large variety of birds.

  1. Allepey

Known as “Venice of the East”, Allepey has criss-cross channels of backwaters flowing across lush green fields and friendly countryside. The multi-faceted attractions of Allepey make it an ideal destination whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an excursion in nature or just a revitalizing holiday; Allepey is your surest bet.

Allepey in South India is full of peaceful beaches, numerous houseboats dotting the waterfalls, colorful festivals, trophy races and warm hearted people. When you are in allepey, do not miss a stay in the houseboats, Kerala cuisine and the Ayurvedic therapies. You can also enjoy refreshing cycle tours and amazing snake boat races in Allepey.

  1. Munnar

If you love nature and lush green plantation around you, book cheap tickets & flights to Munnar. It is a grand summer resort established by British that displays most alluring part of nature in India.

Numerous tea estates embellish the valleys while dense forests and mist-laden peaks give it all a scenic appearance. Munnar truly is a wonder place to explore many waterfalls, vantage points, lakes and tropical sites of exotic greens. It is a perfect place for a family holiday or for a romantic relationship to bloom.

While you are in Munnar, do not forget to visit Kolukkumulai Tea Estate that is the highest tea estate in the world. Munnar is also the best place to shop for freshest tea, spices and home-made chocolates. Also try rock climbing and the elephant arrival point.

These are not all but a few of the most loved Indian locations visited by foreigners. The next part of this article will reveal more of such places. You can easily book cheap flight tickets to India with us and explore what everyone else simply loves.