Divine India: Get The Ayurvedic Experience

Ayurveda is an ancient form of Indian medicine that is now widely accepted as one of the safest and all natural forms of cure. With its roots in India, Ayurveda is known for promoting positive health, long life and natural beauty. A lot of people from every corner of the world book cheap flights to India for experiencing divine Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a form of traditional Indian medicine developed ages ago by ancient sages. Both, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have similar origin that has been followed since ages to gain better health. For more than 5000 years since its origin, Ayyurveda has developed to be a sophisticated stream of medicine. According to Ayurveda, universe is packed with energies and an imbalance in these energies creates diseases and discomfort in human body. Physicians who practice Ayurveda attributed same energy to different food and herbs.

Ayurveda In India

The majestic state of Kerala in India has been the centre of all the development of Aurveda as a modern day science to treat physical and mental ailments. Kerala has abundant hills and forests full of herbs and flora which is most valuable in Ayurveda to prepare medicinal concoctions. People of this state follow Ayurvedic theories in their food, lifestyle, religious rituals, purification and even in the martial art forms to stay away from diseases.

You can book cheap flight tickets for India in case you are looking for holistic healing without any side effects. The physician would examine the patient for dosha (problems) in your body before prescribing treatments.

According to the intensity and nature of the disease, the treatment may involve massages, oil bath and medicines. Ayurveda is known for rejuvenating whole body and mind to work at its full potential.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda has treatments for several diseases that basically administer restoration of equilibrium of energies. Here are some of the most powerful Ayurvedic treatments:

Uzhichil (The General Body Massage)

This treatment is quite effective for people looking for general fitness and total well being. Even if you have cheap flight tickets to India booked for a holiday, this treatment is excellent to take away travel tiredness.

It eliminates joint stiffness and tones up muscle tissues. This treatment also promotes better blood circulation by stimulating nervous system.


In this treatment, a cloth is dipped in warm medicated oil which is gently squeezed over the body for 30 minutes or longer. It is then followed by a relaxing body massage. Different types of oils can be prescribed depending on specific disease a patient has.


A special massage is given to the patient with medicated powders. This treatment is especially very effective for people having fat and obesity related issues.


In this process, the patient is made to lie down on back and ayurvedic oil is continuously poured over his forehead through a vessel. It alleviates migraine, headache and insomnia.

Punnaghatti Kizhi

A cloth bag of special herbs is dipped in warm medicated oil simmering in a pan. This muslin cloth bag is then massaged over the body.

These are just a few of many ayurvedic treatments like Kulatha Swedham, Takradhara and Nsyam etc that you can try while you are in India. A family holiday with an added advantage of gaining optimum fitness through Ayurveda sounds like an excellent idea. Get the cheap tickets & flights booked to India with us at lowest rates right now.