Visiting India For The First Time? Read This First

Visiting India may come as a great cultural shock for many especially when you are here for the first time. In order to get the best experience of your visit, besides booking cheap flights to India, you also need to understand certain rules.

India can be a perplexed country since it has many different religions and cultures. Furthermore, nonstop traffic, huge crowd and loud city roar can majorly bewilder you.  Here, we list some of the most important rules to follow while traveling India:

Avoid Exasperating Yourself

India is a huge country and most first time travelers to India experience fatigue. Number one reason behind this is that visitor normally try to do and see too much in too less of time. India certainly is extremely colorful and truly addictive but you need to be realistic about how much you can see or experience at a time.

India is right here only and you can easily book cheap flight tickets to India whenever you want; so, plan your visit wisely. Give a particular area enough time to experience its true color and spirit. Do not rush.

See Beyond The Cities

It may sound cliché but real essence of India can only be experienced when you visit small villages. Get out of the overpopulated cities that is sprawling with traffic. A trip to mountains or laid back lands of Kerala can surprisingly clear your head. Such areas are also a better place to enjoy famous Indian hospitality, food and culture.

Watch What You Consume

Most of the first time traveler to India experience upset tummy but this should not keep you away from the delectable food here. Just carry some medicines and stay on the bottled water. Eat fresh fruits or anything that is boiled or fried well. Do not rule out street food completely as it is sometimes better than any restaurant food. Avoid ice.

Dress Conventionally

India is a country of modest culture and it is advisable to cover your arms and legs to show your respect. It’s not that you would be punished if you don’t but you will quickly connect with local people by making a good impression. For example, it is considered respectful to remove your shoes while entering a sacred place or someone’s home. Simple rule is to remove footwear if you see shoes outside a place.

Don’t Mind People Asking Questions

People in India may be extensively intrusive about foreigners and they may ask questions that may intimidate you. In such a situation, remember that you are in India with a totally different culture. These questions can just be an indication of their polite interest in you. So, don’t mind them and enjoy your trip.

Indian Time Is Quite Relative

You may have to wait for half an hour or more when your friend in India promised to see you in 5 minutes. This may be due to heavy traffic or other interruptions that it normally takes longer than expected. Make sure you plan your day with unexpected waits and also, do not forget to check opening timings of the places you want to visit.

India is an interesting country calling out loud for you to explore. Just get cheap flights & tickets to India booked with us to enjoy stress free.