Traveling India With kids: Best Advice

India is best known for its cultural diversity and varied landscapes. As you book cheap flights to India with kids, you are open to amazing opportunities of soaking rich cultural heritage and history along with exploring natural wonders like huge mountains, rich wildlife and beautiful beaches. All this and more in India can be overwhelming especially for kids who are the first timers to this vivacious country.

A tour to India can impart great experience and knowledge to your kids along with wonderful memories to cheer for a lifetime. A little mindful planning and some tips shared below can help you navigate India peacefully with your kids:

Pack Essentials For Your Kids

If infants or toddlers are traveling with you to India, do not forget to pack essentialities for them such as diapers and their medicines etc. It’s not that you won’t get these things in India but it would come handy whenever you need.

It is also recommended to carry your kid’s favorite brand of powdered milk. Although most of the brands of baby food are easily available in major cities of India but again, getting things when you need makes your tour stress free.

Avoid Using Public Transport

Kids especially from Western countries may find hot weather conditions of India extremely discomforting. Traveling in public transports like buses can be a horrifying experience for them as most of the buses are overcrowded and not all buses are air conditioned. If you have to use public transport, consider wearing an anti-pollution mask to safeguard against common infections.

The best option with kids is to hire a private vehicle as they offer more convenience and comfort. Also, it is not mandatory in India to use baby chairs in vehicles. You are recommended to carry your own baby chair and install it in the hired vehicle especially if you are traveling long distances.

Choose Accomodations Well

Compromising on accommodation is not advised especially if you are in India with your children. Make sure that you book suitable hotel room as soon as you book cheap flight tickets to India. Also check that there is a doctor in the close vicinity as you never know when your child falls sick and you need immediate medical attention.

Also ensure that the hotel room has mosquito nets or adequate arrangements to keep mosquitoes away from your kids. Use mosquito repellent lotions while taking your kids out in the greens.

Proper Clothing Is Important

Pack appropriate clothing according to the place you are visiting in India. Loose cotton clothes are better if you are visiting hotter states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh; similarly, pack ample woolen clothes if visiting hill stations or northern regions of India.

Make sure that you also pack a handy medical kit for your kids to be used if they get minor cuts or wounds while playing or running around.

India is an incredible country that your kids will love to explore. India is a vast and safe playground for kids. So, book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite destinations in India to enjoy a great holiday with family.