3 Indian Destinations To Visit This Monsoon

When the sky takes a grey look and green becomes greener, it’s a perfect time to book cheap flights to India for seeing the best monsoon of your life.

Whether in winters or summers, monsoon is always great in India. Indian monsoon will make you fall in love with rain because it looks extremely beautiful all drenched in the rain. Here are top 3 Indian monsoon destinations where rain brings loads of cheerfulness and less trouble:


Utter joy is sprinkled all over Kerala with the first shower of rain. Monsoon is an off season for tourists and this is a great reason why you should book cheap flight tickets to Kerala when it is peaceful and crowd free.

The best way to cherish monsoon in Kerala is to book a houseboat and watch the rain stirring the still back waters of Kerala. If you do not want to get into water, linger around the forests or sit comfortably in the resort room and watch the tea plantation being painted new.

Munnar in Kerala is an excellent choice to be visited. The famous Snake Boat race also happens around monsoon, so, you may book your tour to Kerala in accord to the boat race dates.


Goa is not just about soaking the sun and golden sand. Monsoon season brings this beautiful destination out of its stereotyped picture of being a beach area. We often tend to forget that Goa also has sleepy villages, spice plantation, lazy rivers, wild Western Ghats and a lot more to explore other than beaches.

During monsoon, dense dark wood gets greener and a lot of tiny creature and frogs suddenly come to life heralding the rainfall. Goa rains can best be enjoyed by sitting in a tree house watching the cashew orchards and listening bgt5fv4rgreat Goan music while sipping up local fenny.

In case you just want to chill lazily, visit the small villages of North Goa and taste some local tavern.


This may come as a surprise. The desert area of Rajasthan sees enchanting rain during monsoon. The otherwise golden desert area gets a green hue while it rains in Rajasthan. There is nothing more captivating than desert rain; even the cacti plants begin to gush in joy.

Every Rajasthani city, be it Jaipur, Jaisalmer or Jodhpur is cherished in monsoon; but the historic city of Udaipur in Rajasthan turns way more romantic while it rains. Aged forts get a fresh wash and they look so charming to tour around in rainy season.

Get a hammock, just relax and let the beautiful surroundings sink deep into your mind, heart and soul. You can also book a good resort that treats you royally just like any queen or emperor of old times.

India is a magical country and rain just makes it a little more mystical. So, where in India you plan to go this monsoon? Book cheap tickets & flights to your favorite Indian monsoon destination with us and get soaking in the rain.